Community Peace Practitioners (CPP)

Pleasant day beloved highly respected leaders, I trust you had pleasant day.

Welcome to Community Peace Practitioners group chat initiated to build capacity of emerging leaders and youths in Peace Practice. Our membership across Nigeria is now 830 and still growing!

The search for peace is increasingly becoming a global issue from Ukraine, Russia, Mali, Sudan, and United Nations even as search for it is both personal and needful in every home and community. Tensions were so high during the last elections, suicide, kidnapping and domestic violence are reported daily, and there are agitations in almost every state in Nigeria.

Trios Foundation Institute with our team of expert volunteer facilitators within and outside Nigeria is coming up with this training modules to help participants have deeper knowledge of what it takes to have peace, and the critical nexus between peace, security, development, and lots more.

Kindly share the link widely within and outside Nigeria so that we can have robust opportunity for knowledge and experience sharing.


Are you an emerging leader? Do you interact with people of diverse background and ethnic groups?
Do you have basic understanding of English?
Join our group at Trios Foundation for a free course for 14 weeks between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm every Saturday.
Please SHARE WIDELY among your contacts.
-- Ade Bodunde, Telephone 07064404909

Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:

What We Do


Trios Human Development Foundation (Trios Foundation) run counselling services in partnership with International Center for Community Peace (ICCP) and Civil Society Initiative Against Illicit and Addictive Drugs (CSIAIAD).

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Trios Human Development Foundation carries out enlightenment on the need to manage the peace well, giving fair consideration to other person(s). These enlightenment programs are carried out in schools...

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Ensuring peaceful families and society is everybody's business.
At Trios Foundation, membership and partnership is open to all interested persons and groups...

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International Centre for Community Peace (ICCP) offers consultancy and research services for long term benefit of the public and policy makers in order to provide verifiable data for strong policy thrust...

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