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Trios Foundation, also known as International Center for Community Peace was registered in 2005. In 2009, Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution in the Presidency, funded by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) invited several organizations and stakeholders in peace building from various zones across Nigeria to strategise on sustaining peace and resolving conflicts in Nigeria, Trios was an active participant at the various meetings and also participated in the numerous training programs that were held afterwards. Some of the activities include drafting of the National Peace Policy and Mainstreaming Gender in Peace Building Processes among others.

Trios Human Development Foundation has trained participants drawn from rural community leaders who do not speak English, the purpose of this website project is to enable every visitor to the site learn some skills and also to use the lectures to organize seminars at work places, places of worship and other small group meetings in any convenient local language.

Trios Foundation Institute admits participants for training from all over the world. Trios Foundation Clinic is the drug rehabilitation center of the Foundation.

What We Do


Trios Human Development Foundation (Trios Foundation) run counselling services in partnership with International Center for Community Peace (ICCP) and Civil Society Initiative Against Illicit and Addictive Drugs (CSIAIAD).

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Trios Human Development Foundation carries out enlightenment on the need to manage the peace well, giving fair consideration to other person(s). These enlightenment programs are carried out in schools...

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Ensuring peaceful families and society is everybody's business.
At Trios Foundation, membership and partnership is open to all interested persons and groups...

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International Centre for Community Peace (ICCP) offers consultancy and research services for long term benefit of the public and policy makers in order to provide verifiable data for strong policy thrust...

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Recent Events

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